Are alan carr and gok wan dating

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Wan set about losing weight and at the age of 20 he began a crash diet, losing half his weight in several months.Despite the sudden change, he had no problem with having been overweight, later reflecting: "I don't regret having been fat at all.The girls were made up of actress Patsy Palmer, Ruby Wax, presenters Carol Vorderman and Fiona Phillips and lingerie company founder Michelle Mone.As they met Sir Alan, he warned them of the tough three days that lay ahead.'This is a different world,' he said.However, the other students had backgrounds very different to his and he felt that his weight was beginning to dictate his life, later saying: "[It affected] everything: my personality, how people reacted to me, what I wore, everything.When you sit down with someone who's 21 stone you have certain expectations of what they're like: stupid, lazy or really funny." He felt restricted and unhappy and eventually dropped out of the course, returning to live with his family.The success of the first series of his own chat show, .Alan is the winner of the 2015 National Television Award for Best Chat Show Host, 2014 Royal Television Society Award for Best Entertainment Performance, the 2013 BAFTA for Best Entertainment Performance and 2013 British Comedy Award for Best Comedy Entertainment Personality.

When it comes to branding and letting people know who they are by what they look like they're very very clever."Gok is the ambassador for Vodafone's World of Difference programme which gives 500 people the chance to work for a charity of their choice for two months full time or four months part time and be paid for it.

Gok Wan's name was instantly trending after newcomer Bobby arrived on 'The Only Way Is Essex', with even chat show host, and friend of Gok, Alan Carr wading in to say how much he thought the two were alike.

Vodafone's World Of Difference campaign, we also chatted to him about his Essex double." data-reactid="22"And today whilst quizzing Gok about Vodafone's World Of Difference campaign, we also chatted to him about his Essex double.

Sugar decided the girls team, led by Michelle Mone, and featuring Patsy Palmer, Ruby Wax, Carol Vorderman and Fiona Phillips, had come up with the more viable product after the sides were set the challenge of inventing a children's toy.

Despite a bit a run-in between Patsy and Michelle, they showed their 'Stick Stuck' had a likelier future than the 'Swap Belt' - and so tonight one of the boys will be subjected to the boardroom ignominy normally reserved for wannables on Sir Alan's show.

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He was drawn to performing arts and after leaving Babington Community College he began attending a course at the Charles Keene College of Further Education.