Updating netbsd

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Billly Gates writes: Linux is not the only free open-source operating system.

Free BSD, which is based off of the historical BSD Unix in which TCP/IP was developed on from the University of California at Berkeley, has been updated.

At the moment you have two options apart from building the applications yourself: In the past another user, Jonathan Buschmann, used to provide a universal (32/64bits) package for Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8) but discontinued his packages after v6.9.1. Götz Waschk is so kind as to build RPM packages for Mageia (formerly Mandriva).

The current version is in the Cauldron distribution.

The repository for the stable version might only contain an outdated version of wget https://mkvtoolnix.download/sudo rpmkeys --import sudo zypper addrepo --refresh https://mkvtoolnix.download/opensuse/42.2/ MKVTool Nix The current version v15.0.0 is available as an installer and as a portable 7zip archive for download from

This also adds support for using Amazon EC2 NFS shares and support for the Amazon Elastic Filesystem for NFS.This distribution includes a specialized Net BSD kernel (XEN3_DOMU_NIELS) - optimized for high load servers and many users on the Dom U.You can further edit the kernel config if you want to suite more of your special needs.Then you can install : you can get versions up to v8.5.2 from my repsitory, but you have to active Debian's backports repository if you want to install the GUIs as they're linked against a newer version of Qt than wheezy itself contains.My GPG key's ID is 16D2F5DC 10C052A6, and the fingerprint is EB24 BCA1 4BA6 A24F 1427 6FEE 16D2 F5DC 10C0 52A6.

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